Networking Your Way Through Six Tiers Of Separation The Power of Commercial Enterprise Networking

Networking Your Way Through Six Tiers Of Separation The Power of Commercial Enterprise Networking

In the early 90s, a movie known as Six tiers of Separation constructed its tale across the idea that we are all separated with the aid of six ranges from everybody else on the entire planet. Absolutely everyone is an open door into every other international and knows the people you are looking to meet or corporations you need to paintings with. Absolutely everyone is attached on this planet with the aid of a path of only six human beings, whether you’re famous or now not. In case you locate the right humans to make the reference to, distance vanishes and the proper possibilities will come to your manner.

In thinking about this I decided to look on YouTube to remind myself of the important thing thoughts on this movie and whether or not it certainly does have any relevance to our business existence these days. To my wonder and pleasure, I discovered a documentary on scientists who have studied and written an algorithm to prove this “network principle, which they labored on for years. It shows that nature has this hidden blueprint and shape that connects us all. The scientists mapped it out and tested it on human beings via taking parcels internationally and asking 27 human beings to simplest use their social networks to get the package deal to someone on the opposite aspect of the world. It was fantastic how quickly the parcels moved towards the addressee, who changed into a scientist running at Harvard University in Boston.

That is an idea well worth experimenting within our everyday enterprise lives. I practice it in my own business approach by making my enterprise networks help with word-of-mouth marketing and create the connections and opportunities I am searching for with unique corporations. There is no better example of the electricity of networks than today’s internet 2.0 social media networks. If you check the principle inside your personal social circle, you will locate right away that people have connections that could open doorways for you. Many of your connections within your commercial enterprise circle both know every difference or have contact right into a purchaser or business enterprise that you may be seeking to meet.

Searching at our personal financial system and applying this to our client building approach or job seek, makes me think that the conventional methods of constructing agencies and locating jobs are a long way too gradual. In this day and age, you need to be tapping into your private, social, and professional networks, in case you want to get quicker consequences. Systematically searching for the proper human beings through your networks, the usage of a plan will yield faster outcomes whenever than a conventional approach of throwing out a blanket of hopeful letters and calls. In human nature, human beings will usually reply quicker to humans they recognize than to strangers.
You’ll be asking yourself, “How is that in any manner relevant to me?” if you are searching to develop your exercise or find new opportunities, it’s far very relevant. My idea to you is to take it out and take a look at the theory yourself.
Right here are six steps that will help you in your personal Six stages test

connect into the community hub
The scientists inform us that during every community there may be a traceable hub, where the middle hobby takes area. It is the vicinity wherein people gather and take information approximately you returned into their global. Even extra interesting is that within each hub, you’ll discover the “human hub”, the character with the best diploma of impact and connectivity. They’re important people to understand and start building relationships with. What they do for a dwelling is beside the point, their social forex is what you really want to tap into! Become aware of this man or woman within your networks. This consists of your own family and friend networks, professional networks, club enterprises, and most importantly your online networks. Ask yourself, “who’re the human beings accumulating around me with the maximum influential hyperlinks?” make certain your installation your social media accounts (LinkedIn, FB, Inquisix, and Twitter) to construct your on-line treasure chest.

Have a networking plan
The key to getting the consequences you need is deciding or naming the companies and roles of human beings you wish to fulfill via your community, whether or not at networking activities or via your online contacts. Then discover a very good motive for why they might want to meet you. Human nature is designed to act mainly from self-hobby, which’s pushed by using the reptilian as a part of our brains. So people will usually unconsciously ask “what is in this for me?” to give your community and capacity contacts a profitable reason to need to fulfill you. Perhaps it’s to proportion some information, opportunities, store them in cash or assist them to use your networks.
Following on from that, it’s far vital to have something to proportion about you it is of cost to them and sets you apart. Direct them in your website, literature, testimonials, or facts which you suppose they could benefit from. Ask them to do you a favor. The general public likes doing favors for others and assist their very own enterprise contacts. It facilitates cement relationships.

Authenticity at networking events
There is no end of opportunities to attend networking events as we go into the autumn. Networking is not just about getting into a room to break the world record for the largest business card collection. Nor is it a popularity contest on social media. The most valuable asset you can bring to a networking event is your authentic self. Be real, be present, engage, and listen to people as you would if you were at a social gathering. And avoid talking about yourself all the time. Ask great questions. They don’t have to be about business. Get to know people, because relationships are built on this. Even if you only meet 3-4 quality contacts and have an agreement to follow up and meet, you will have done a great job. Set a goal of having at least 2 meetings come out of a networking event.

The Follow-Up
The downfall of people’s networking strategy is either poor follow-up, no follow-up, or the full-blown sales pitch in an email. Think of your follow-up as a “getting-to-know-you” phase of your relationship. It must happen within 24 hours to reinforce the connection you made. Acknowledge the meeting, the event, and create the invitation to connect on LinkedIn, Inquisix, or Twitter. You will need to explore which of these ones suits your business needs. And ignoring emails is a poor reflection on your business, so avoid it at all costs. Arrange a follow-up meeting, even if it’s for a coffee to learn more about each other’s business, in anticipation of opportunities down the line. This is always a great starting point.

The Power of Reciprocity
Give without expecting something back demonstrate how powerful reciprocity can be. If you see an opportunity to share some information or introduce a contact to your contacts, “Just Do It.” This is building some credit for reciprocal behavior from others in the future. I saw this recently when I did a favor for a business contact. In return, and out of the blue opportunity came my way through the person I did the favor for. I was the first person that came to mind. This is the power of reciprocity.

Build it and they will come
People often give up before they reach the momentum that makes them a network hub in their own right. They are inconsistent or dismiss people as not being of value. I suggest a rule of thumb is to treat everybody you meet like your clients, even your “so-called” competition, as they may be a vital link for a joint venture in the future.
It’s far too easy to assume people in your network as not worth knowing, because they wouldn’t understand your business of having the right kind of contacts. The business people I have met are very intelligent so give them your time! And don’t be a dabbler by attending networking events, gathering cards, connecting on social media sites, and then abandon ship. Use your 20:20 vision. See the value in everybody you meet as a chain in your network and a part of your most valuable asset: your contact database.

To truly understand the power of networking, read The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, who writes brilliantly about Connectors, Mavens and Salespeople. These are the people turning their businesses around, making money, and finding great jobs when the masses are doing things the old way. Be a pioneer in your business or profession and tap into that rich reservoir. Your best client or the perfect job is only six handshakes away.

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